Optimising all construction processes, times and costs. Diversification of technical and legal responsibilities on the part of the client. A single contact person with extensive knowledge of construction processes and all the various time frames that need to be respected, both technical and bureaucratic. Providing the answer and solution to all problems and difficulties relating to the construction of a building. These are the objectives that lead to a General Contractor being appointed. The role of the General Contractor is to coordinate all the professionals involved in the construction process. As well as saving time that would otherwise be spent waiting, this also allows for greater financial savings, as the sub-contractors are appointed based on their experience and the value for money that they can guarantee as part of the construction process. Members of staff will include specific professionals who know their field of specialisation inside out. They will be able to identify the most critical issues during any construction or renovation work and, thanks to their specific expertise, they will know how to overcome them quickly and without unexpected costs. The evolution of the concept of modern design and the advent of online globalisation, have raised consumers’ expectations in all regards . The idea is to create a complete package of services for the customer, who will only have to deal with one technical and commercial contact person and will have all their needs met in terms of design, construction and furnishings. The General Contractor service  involves several independent companies operating in harmony with a single work concept and a single purpose, ensuring the customer has a single point of contact able to respond to all their various requests and requirements.


During this initial phase, the ability to interpret is very important in order to transform a customer’s requirements and requests into a design idea. Architects, engineers and designers will be available to help the customer  develop this vision. Residential, commercial, office and industrial sectors.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

(Thomas A. Edison)


A complete service to make bespoke furnishings using expert designers, carpenters and installers. From residential furnishings such as living rooms, open living spaces and kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, to professional studios, offices and shops. From design through to assembly and installation with the utmost care and efficiency, creating new spaces for your private or working life. Creating unique and open spaces, restoring light and splendour to a façade, transforming a wasted space into an original and exclusive area, also proposing new room layouts, combining functionality, rationality and aesthetics, without forgetting  predefined objectives and attention to detail, giving rise to new emotions.


After all these years in the real estate sector, we have selected professional partners from the building and construction industry. Experience, precision and professionalism throughout all the various and important phases of a construction site. Under the supervision of a site manager, the various technicians and workers take care of all the phases of the construction process. Designers, engineers, occupational safety officers, contractors, bricklayers, manual labourers, electricians, plumbers, floor layers, door and window fitters, plasterers, painters and plasterboard installers, gardeners and all the other professionals involved, all work together to turn the customer’s idea into a reality. Build or renovate your property with specific support in choosing the right materials and attention to every detail. Turn the design requirements into a reality.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an initial, non-binding consultation, so you can tell us about your  requirements and requests that you’d like to transform into real ideas.

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation.

(Richard Bach)