Abitare il Garda was founded in 1995 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Gianni and Rosella Baldassare. In 1997, their son, Geom. Claudio Baldassare, also joined the agency, taking his first steps in the real estate industry. With their communication, organisation and sales skills, they soon became one of the leading real estate agencies in Desenzano del Garda and on Lake Garda in general. In 2002, Geom. Claudio Baldassare became the owner of the agency and began his career as a real estate agent in his own right, supported by associates, consultants and secretaries who, after all these years, are still with the company, demonstrating its high level of commitment and professionalism. Abitare il Garda operates around Lake Garda and the surrounding area through its two branches in Desenzano del Garda, situated,  along the town’s two main thoroughfares: Via Marconi, number 66 and Lungolago C. Battisti, number 59. We are a dynamic team boasting significant experience and plenty of positive energy.


In over 25 years’ working in the real estate industry, we have developed specific and considerable professionalism, ethics, transparency, reliability and skill, endeavouring to distinguish the role of the real estate agent. These requirements form the basis of our team’s professional commitment, which can be seen through the total transparency and integrity of our customer relationship management as well as our impeccable confidentiality and discretion.


Buying, selling or renting a property means relying on a consultant who is able to carefully and accurately manage the requests of all customers, providing a precise economic valuations of  properties and identifying potential buyers in the shortest  time possible. We work to satisfy the needs and desires of our customers, taking care of every detail to maximise the value of the property. From the photo shoot to identifying potential buyers, also from outside Italy, from analysing reports on each activity carried out on behalf of the customer to  surveys, urban evaluations and certifications. All activities are followed by a dedicated consultant and a team of professionals who are specialised in legal, tax and technical aspects, from the first meeting right through to the signing of the contract. We are convinced that commitment, dedication, experience and skill are the best tools to achieve the desired results. Customers are always at the heart of our business, which is why we want to establish a relationship of extreme trust with them, based on transparency, peace of mind and respect for the individual. We don’t want to waste anyone’s precious time. Our team is made up of professional people who all boast extensive experience in the real estate industry.


It is of absolute importance for our agency to establish networks of relationships with Italian and foreign business partners. The main guideline is to raise awareness not only of our brand, but above all of the real estate assets under management in our real estate portfolio in an international market. Our aim is to promote and enhance not only the real estate market around Lake Garda, but also the surrounding area, with its many attractions and the natural heritage that surrounds us.


We run a customer database that is always up to date thanks to a modern management software tool, which allows us to match supply and demand in real time. We manage appointments with potential buyers through a “personalised diary” service in order to optimise the time dedicated to visits. We provide customers with regular reports on the progress of visits made, including feedback from potential buyers and any concrete interest or potential negotiations in place.


By relying on our agency’s experience, professionalism, confidentiality and market knowledge, both in Italy and abroad, you can be sure that your home is in safe hands. Our extensive customer base, together with our personal acquaintances, marketing skills and the word of mouth of our many satisfied customers over the years, mean that you can rely on our agency to sell your property, with complete peace of mind. Our job is first of all to assist and reassure the customer and provide all the necessary support. We are always able to find an agreement between the parties, with a well-balanced, fair and professional approach.


All these years of activity, experience and professionalism in the real estate industry have allowed us to consolidate a reliable and credible corporate image, thanks to which we have successfully established an extensive network of personal and interpersonal relationships. We will identify the properties that fulfil your requirements, we will organise viewings so you can see them and, once you have chosen the best one for you, we will provide the specialist advice you need during the negotiation phase. If you are not Italian, our professionals will be on hand to provide assistance in a foreign language.


Over the years,  we have created partnerships and business relationships within the national and international real estate market, aimed at keeping track of various types of customers, both private and investors, who are interested in real estate transactions and the development of residential, tourist, commercial, agricultural and hotel properties on and around Lake Garda. This has allowed us to manage and to buy and sell different types of properties for various purposes, always with the same level of experience, professionalism and dynamism. High returns also on investments for rental purposes.


The European Union has introduced a regulation to defend the privacy of its citizens. The push to update data protection legislation is mainly due to the arrival of the internet and, consequently, the desire to introduce security measures that are in line with the times. Thanks to technological development and the increasing circulation of information via the internet, social media and other means of communication, it is easier than ever for real estate agencies to collect personal data. Considering that the work of a real estate agent is based on contacts, our agency has aligned itself with the new guidelines in order to protect our work but, above all, to protect our customers’ privacy.