Exclusive, finely renovated country house in Desenzano del Garda

Palazzo / Palazzin for Sale in Desenzano del Garda

Exclusive, finely renovated country house in Desenzano del Garda

Viale Andreis Desenzano del Garda BS Italia



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525 mq
950 mq


In a quiet area, set in a relaxing natural setting of greenery among the vineyards, convenient to the services of the towns of Desenzano del Garda and Lonato del Garda, close to the main roads and 10 minutes from the beaches of the lake, we offer for sale a characteristic country house finely renovated and with attention to detail. The property, with double driveway access, main and service, consists of a large internal courtyard complete with eight parking spaces, 6 of which are covered, and a beautiful garden arranged to create a swimming pool of 70 square metres complete with solarium area. The property is divided into a main unit where we find 4 different independent areas, one of which is used as a private home with a beautiful terrace and the other three are rented out on a temporary basis, then there is an independent unit which is also rented out, then there is a further area which is still to be finished and where everything is ready to be used to create a fifth independent unit which can be used or rented out, and finally there is the porch where everything is ready to be used to create independent units which can be rented out. The property is completed by a technical room/laundry. This is a unique property with great charm, the result of an excellent renovation and conservative restoration, but also oriented to modern comfort, especially in the plant engineering, also characterised by a photovoltaic system complete with batteries (15 Kw).
This is an ideal solution for the development of a holiday accommodation activity, thanks also to the possibility of increasing the capacity of the beds by recovering internal spaces that are currently used as service areas where, thanks to the presence of the relevant predispositions, it will be easy to obtain additional living areas with bathrooms and bedrooms, but also as an important residential or holiday home.
We remain available for further information and on-site visits on request.


  • Energy Rating: VA
  • Minimum IPE:
  • Heating: Independent
  • State: Renovated
  • Grade: Medio
  • Position: Suburb
  • View: Open View
  • Orientation: North West South
  • Rooms / Locals: 19
  • Floor: Terra
  • Building Floors: 3
  • Internal Levels: 3
  • Garage:
  • Mq Garage:
  • Parking Space: 8
  • Terraces: 1
  • Mq Terraces: 26
  • Balconies Mq:
  • Arcades: 1
  • Mq Arcades: 75
  • Garden: Private
  • Kitchen: View Kitchen
  • Furniture: Furnished
  • Annual Expenses: 0



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