Elegant detached villa with private pool in Lonato del Garda

Villa for Sale in Lonato del Garda

Elegant detached villa with private pool in Lonato del Garda

Via Breda Lonato del Garda BS Italia


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230 mq
300 mq


Located in a beautiful and elegant hilly area about 1.5 km from the lake and the beaches, convenient to the centres of Desenzano d/G and Padenghe s/G, set in a quiet and reserved context, available elegant single villa with swimming pool and private garden with glimpses of the lake view, built with construction materials and finishes of excellent quality in order to achieve class A. Arranged on three levels, the villa is composed on the ground floor of living room and open kitchen, hallway, 1 double bedroom and a bathroom, beautiful and spacious outdoor areas as solarium and porch with direct access to the garden and private pool. Going up the stairs to the first floor we find three bedrooms and a bathroom as well as a beautiful balcony from which to admire the view of the lake. In the basement we find a large walk-in wardrobe, a bathroom, a large spa and relaxation room, a bathroom, a laundry room, a storage room and the heating plant. From this basement area there is direct access to the double garage with independent entrance. An excellent solution both as a first home and as a holiday home. The villa is sold fully furnished as in the pictures both internally and externally with high quality furnishings, except for personal belongings. Further information on request.


  • Energy Rating: A1
  • Minimum IPE: 92,6
  • Heating: Independent
  • State: Perfect Conditions
  • Grade: Elegant
  • Position: Hill
  • View: Lake View
  • Orientation: North West South East
  • Rooms / Locals: 8
  • Floor: Terra
  • Building Floors: 2
  • Internal Levels: 3
  • Garage: 1
  • Mq Garage: 34
  • Parking Space:
  • Terraces:
  • Mq Terraces:
  • Balconies Mq: 5
  • Arcades: 2
  • Mq Arcades: 52
  • Garden: Private
  • Kitchen: View Kitchen
  • Furniture: New Furniture
  • Annual Expenses: 0



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