Important property with stunning lake view in Salò

Villa for Sale in Salò

Important property with stunning lake view in Salò

Salò BS Italia



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720 mq
600 mq


Surrounded by the greenery and peace of the hills of Salò, just a few minutes from the centre and the services, we offer for sale a historic property with a splendid view of the lake and the gulf characterised by beautiful panoramic terraces and a large private garden complete with swimming pool. The house, built on three above-ground levels, dates back to 1600 and was renovated in the early seventies by the current owner. Today, thanks to constant attention and numerous maintenance works, it is still in excellent condition and has been divided into four independent units for holiday rental as well as a fifth unit assigned to a guardian. A unique and prestigious solution, characterised by large interior spaces as well as a beautiful green setting, a garage and a convenient parking area with covered parking spaces. Prestigious property, ideal for lovers of quiet and views of the lake, perfect both for the development of an important villa and for tourism activities. We remain at your disposal for further information and on-site visits.


  • Energy Rating: VA
  • Minimum IPE:
  • Heating: Independent
  • State: Fair Conditions
  • Grade: Elegant
  • Position: Hill
  • View: Lake View
  • Orientation: South East
  • Rooms / Locals: 13
  • Floor: Terra
  • Building Floors: 3
  • Internal Levels: 3
  • Garage: 1
  • Mq Garage: 20
  • Parking Space:
  • Terraces: 2
  • Mq Terraces: 90
  • Balconies Mq:
  • Arcades:
  • Mq Arcades:
  • Garden: Private
  • Kitchen: Eat-In Kitchen
  • Furniture: Furnished
  • Annual Expenses: 0



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