Superb Ex Monastery restored in Calvagese della Riviera

House of Character for Sale in Calvagese della Riviera

Superb Ex Monastery restored in Calvagese della Riviera

Via Italia Calvagese della Riviera BS Italia



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500 mq
5000 mq


Located just 9 km from the center of Padenghe s / G and the lake and 5 minutes drive from the famous Golf Club Arzaga, inserted in the ancient village available Ex Monastero del ‘700 totally and tastefully renovated and furnished. The farmhouse of the commercial area of ​​about 500 square meters, with private and fenced park of about 5,000 square meters. where you can make a private swimming pool or a private tennis court or other sports facilities, unless otherwise authorized, spread over three floors above ground plus a detached annexe area where you can make outdoor dinners or accommodate any guests. The main house is composed on the ground floor by two large and characteristic stone spaces with faces where you can make a cellar or a SPA and fitness / gym / relaxation area with adjoining kitchen and bathroom, on the first floor there is a large living area with kitchen exposed, a service for the living area, the sleeping area with two large bedrooms both with walk-in closets and private bathrooms, from the living area through an exposed staircase you go upstairs in a further loft living area on that below, on the second floor is also accessed through another service staircase, we find another important double bedroom, a private service and a walk-in closet. Stunning and luxurious finishes as you can see from the various images published. Property of great charm and elegance. The address marked in the proposal is purely indicative.


  • Energy Rating: C
  • Minimum IPE: 58,7
  • Heating: Independent
  • State: Renovated
  • Grade: Elegant
  • Position: Countryside
  • View: Garden View
  • Orientation: North East South
  • Rooms / Locals: 7
  • Floor: Terra
  • Building Floors: 3
  • Internal Levels: 3
  • Garage:
  • Mq Garage:
  • Parking Space: 10
  • Terraces: 1
  • Mq Terraces: 20
  • Balconies Mq:
  • Arcades:
  • Mq Arcades:
  • Garden: Private
  • Kitchen: View Kitchen
  • Furniture: Furnished
  • Annual Expenses: 0



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