Beautiful semi-detached house in context with pool in Moniga del Garda

Farmhouse for Sale in Moniga del Garda

Beautiful semi-detached house in context with pool in Moniga del Garda

Viale Ghandi Moniga del Garda BS Italia



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140 mq
190 mq


In an excellent location, just a few steps from the port and the centre of Moniga del Garda, set in a beautiful context with green spaces and swimming pool, we offer for sale a large semi-detached villa developed on three levels, free on three sides and complete with private garden. Entering we find the livable living area illuminated by the large French window with access to the porch and the garden, large separate kitchen and a bathroom with shower; Through convenient internal staircase we reach the first floor where is developed the sleeping area consisting of single bedroom, bathroom with shower and master bedroom characterized by large balcony with beautiful lake view. Also through the convenient internal staircase, we reach the basement floor where we find a third bedroom, large laundry room and direct access to the large private garage. A solution with attention to every detail and complete with beautiful finishes, ideal for use either as a first or second home. We remain at your disposal for further information and on-site visits.


  • Energy Rating: VA
  • Minimum IPE:
  • Heating: Independent
  • State: Perfect Conditions
  • Grade: Elegant
  • Position: Lake
  • View: Open View
  • Orientation: North West South East
  • Rooms / Locals: 7
  • Floor: Terra
  • Building Floors: 2
  • Internal Levels: 3
  • Garage: 1
  • Mq Garage: 30
  • Parking Space:
  • Terraces:
  • Mq Terraces:
  • Balconies Mq: 10
  • Arcades: 1
  • Mq Arcades: 20
  • Garden: Private
  • Kitchen: Eat-In Kitchen
  • Furniture: Possibility
  • Annual Expenses: 0



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